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Burst & Shatter

Dear beautiful friend,

When something bursts something new is about to emerge.

It has been bursting here. Literally and metaphorically.

What about in your life?

Have you been tested recently? Are you being stretched?

Has something shattered? Broken down? Triggered you?

Life experiences are truly our greatest teachers.

There are NO bad experiences but ONLY lessons.

These lessons are openings. Initiations. Portals.

Something new wants to be birthed through.

Birth can be violent. It is painful and messy.

The lessons can be explosive. It can feel like combustion. With Fire and heat sparkling out. Shooting all around you.

Burning down old structures. Tearing down what no longer serves.

When it feels like shattering, at the same time something novel is about to unravel. From deep within your wellspring.

For a new crystalline diamond structure to emerge, pressure needs to be applied. Intense pressure and heat.

This feels uncomfortable. You are facing something that has not fully formed yet and is still in the transition phase. It can be wobbly. Like learning to walk. Or to speak a new language.

You are unraveling more refined nuances of your essence.

Combustion sparks you up. Ignites your pulse.

It makes the blood boil in your veins.

It throbs your heart.

This process is ferocious but necessary to break out of the mechanicalness of your nature. It shatters the artificial, unconscious and conditioned version of You.

You are bursting through the gateway of a limited life.

Hence you becomes a catalyst to a deeper embodiment of You.

You are meant to dwell in the holy place of the most high.

Cultivating your authentic Nature. Exuding personal magnetism.


With love,



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