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Hello Beauty:) Yes, you beautiful One! Open for a heart to heart conversation?

The ground we are standing on is shifting so fast and we are all constantly walking on edge. This feels like dying over and over again. We are being called to stretch and to expand like never before.

With all this intense and necessary rebirthing it is absolutely critical to not forget to hold the frequency of beauty and to feel the love within the process.

What is true beauty?

Beauty Is everywhere. It comes in many forms. It is all around you and it is within you. Anyone who has the eyes to see it and the heart to feel it can confirm this.

Beauty is embedded within the song of your heart.

So I am inviting you to surround yourself and immerse yourself with beauty and the exquisite gift it is for your senses.

There is so much available. Mother Nature is filled with beauty in all colors and shapes. Beauty is in a smile. It is in language. It can be evoked by gazing into someone’s eyes. There is beauty in sound, imagery and metaphor. Not to forget the immense beauty that is deep within your heart and soul. Simply close your eyes, be in the NOW, become still and tune within your heart frequency. Take a moment to be present in your pristine presence.

Heart & Soul Language is poetic and can be felt in in subtlety and nuances. Beauty is the frequency of your purest essence. Never forget that, and I’m simply here simply to remind you to remember. In times like this your sweet melody needs to be heard and your radiance needs to be sparkled out there.

It is your responsibility to bring your unique beauty to a world that is clouded in darkness and monotony. Many souls are lost in "the narrative” and need urgent support. You can be of support by holding your ground, not being sucked into the "agenda" and showing up in your highest. Change happens by holding a higher collective frequency. ALL things can be transformed in beauty and with love.

Awaken your heart. Remove all the shields around your heart and become very intimate with love. Pure love for yourself, love for others and love for our beautiful planet. Without any condition. To simply love because it’s your nature. It's like living in a biodynamic feedback loop with the Universe.

Hence the more illuminated your presence will be. You become a catalyst for beauty & love and a fierce liberator to set this world free.

Ask yourself: How are you creating beauty in your life? In which areas of your life are you sharing yourself freely and where are you stingy with your gift?

The beauty of your presence is a gift. It is a catalyst for transformation.

Be like a flower. Bloom in your most exquisite colors. In glory and splendor. Radiate in your brilliance. Blossom because it’s your nature.

And remember to remember…

Sending appreciation and beauty your way,



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