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Dear precious One, Let me ask you: Do you sometimes feel like you are broken and need fixing? Do you experience pain and need to numb or self-sooth yourself? Do you let fear stop you from following your deepest desires? These are very common self-sabotaging patterns and I can so relate to them because I was there. I felt fallen and defeated. The pain was so deep that I wished I could rip my heart out of my body so the suffering would finally end. These patterns create a self-destructive cycle. Until you learn to to break the cycle with the sword of your light, and own the magnitude of your power, that is deep within you. No one can do this for you. Only you. It’s an initiation, a portal opening into an expanded reality and a higher reflection of yourself. It starts by walking into the fire and letting the flames eat you whole. Letting it burn. The medicine is in the pain. Sitting with ALL of it, then rising in the heat, letting the chains shatter. These shackles that have kept you tied to limitations and enslavement for too long. Like a prisoner in your own cell. This is the journey we are ALL called here to walk. It’s the ultimate homecoming, returning to source. And slaying the dragon and inner demons. Clearing away everything that is in YOUR way. Until you land in divine grace. It’s about turning on your light full dial speed in those darkest moments of despair. Looking fear straight in the eye. Learning to dance with your fear. Fear is a mobilizing force. It’s a catalyst when you choose to use it as an alchemist. Do not run, do not hide. Huge transformation is available for you. On the other side of fear lies freedom…wild ecstatic Freedom beyond anything you ever imagined. You will gloriously rise like phoenix from the ashes. As a majestic firebird. With golden feathers and crystal eyes.Your shimmering wings stretched wide open. Reaching high into the big blue sky. Ready to soar and fly. With a wildly ignited heart. Blazing your trail of infinite free flow of sublime love. Be like a firebird and become an unstoppable force on the path of fierce liberation. There is no better time to do this deep work than NOW…. If you need support I'll be happy to guide you every step of the way Sending fierce love and divine blessings, Sabina


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