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Dear precious friend,


ere are 3 stages of health: Healing. Prevention. Radiant Health.

- Healing from something. Something is “off” and it takes correcting it and getting back to wholeness

- Prevention is often related to some concern that “something” could happen.

- Radiant Health is the ultimate level. Living in a state of sublime wellbeing and continue to move into deeper unfolding of radiance.

Radiant Health is deep embodiment of inner peace, vibrant vitality and ecstatic enthusiasm for life. Radiant Health is such a force that it blasts out any fears and limitations.


The state of your health is directly related to the amount of LIGHT you are able to generate. And the more light you can hold, the more joy you are able to access from within and then emanate out.

Every moment you spread joy, you are a gift to the world.

With your joy & radiance you are contributing to raising the frequency of this beautiful planet.

How do you achieve radiant health?

Through purification of the body/mind temple & nourishment with divine nutrition.

This has been my life’s mission and I have devoted the past 25 years diving deep and exploring what’s possible. Experimenting with myriad tools and modalities, superfoods & herbs, ancient wisdom and spiritual alchemy. I have created a solid foundation in collaboration with some powerful soul sisters and we are offering this in a Weekend Immersion Retreat in the Hudson Valley NY. For detailed info and a special discount click here:

If you don’t inner-stand how the body functions, how disease is created and can also be un-created then you can easily fall prey to misleading information on Health & Immunity that is circulating in the field.

When you don’t have the tools available to activate your self healing mechanism and take charge of your emotional, mental & physical Health then you can easily become infiltrated by fearful thoughts, confusion and disempowering perspectives, when in fact there are many natural solutions available to create radiant health.

ANYTHING can be healed and ANYTHING can be transformed.

Health, Wellbeing, and Empowerment starts with educating & empowering yourself. This kinds of education based on Self-Responsibility & Self-Mastery is not taught in schools nor will you hear about this in the mainstream media.

There is a reason why many Natural Healing Tools are suppressed and often demonized.

However, once you know, you cannot un-know.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to truly align yourself with your inner powers and I can guarantee you, Life will never be the same

For all details here: HERE

Sending you so much love,



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