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Dear beautiful being,

Welcome to the greatest alchemical journey of a lifetime.

We all heard of alchemy as turning lead into gold. Changing a baser element into a higher element. Alchemy is the transformation of something into something of a higher frequency.

Alchemy is also the process of being changed by the presence of the other.

We are all alchemical beings. We are able to transmute ourselves.

We are born and die so many times in our life. Life is filled with initiations. 

Currently we are in the alchemical process of birthing a New Earth and a New Humanity.

All birthing is messy and painful. It require facing the unknown and a profound trust in opening yourselves to whatever is coming.

It requires facing the pain.

The more intense the pain, the bigger the transformation will be.

Alchemy is transforming jealousy into unconditional acceptance.

Feeling of unworthiness into feeling of innate value.

Loneliness into the knowingness of oneness with all things.

And yes, even the most horrendous pain can be transmuted into scintillating joy.

What situations are causing your pain right now?

What is your deepest fear?

What places within you are resisting to face?

A wonderful example for Alchemy is knowing that you are the caterpillar then enters the chrysalis and then becomes the most beautiful butterfly.

Entering the deepest darkness and then re-emerging in full colors into the brightest light.

Hence you are being changed beyond recognition.

It’s all possible. All your wounds can be transmuted.

All your limiting beliefs can be shifted.

All your fears can be dissolved.

It starts by recognizing your wounds. Accepting your wounded places as parts of you that have not been integrated yet. Embracing the places you don’t love yourself and then infuse them with outrageous love.

This is alchemy of the heart. 

Within the wound is the healing.  And then the pain becomes the medicine.

All great shamans know this.

I myself went through a deep shamanic initiation in 2017 transmuting my darkest shadow and moving from the pain paradigm into the joy paradigm.

Stay tuned as I will be sharing some more on this powerful transmutation process with an upcoming online course of "The Sacred Warrior Path".

With divine love,



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