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Dear beautiful friend,

The current times offer fertile ground for accelerated evolution. When many live in fear & uncertainty this is the moment for you to anchor into wholeness & divinity through embodiment. You then become a clear vessel free from limitation.

You are releasing into the frequency of pure love, Unison with Self & ALL that is, THE GRAND I AM. Nothing external can influence you when you are fully embodied in your pristine being-ness.

You know who you are and why you’re here.

Your purpose is clear and you are filled with creativity & life force.

You know you are held by ALL that is.

You emanate your being-ness into the field which is your auric field and just like a ripple it comes back. Life then reflects back at you what you are transmitting. What you are experiencing is always a reverberation of who you are and your inner geometry.

If you don’t like the experiences in your life then you have to start refining who you are and transmuting the parts that are still heavy & dense.

This doesn’t need to take years as you can create quantum shifts when you approach it from ALL areas and with depth, width and scope. Body, mind & spirit. In a container where you are held, witnessed, received and experienced. And in the company of like minded souls. This creates accelerated healing & evolution.

If this resonates then I invite you to join me for the Accelerated Healing & Empowered Living Online Retreat that I am co-hosting with John DePass, an amazing Coach, Mentor & Personal Trainer with 30 years experience.

You will find detailed information below the flyer.


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