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YES TO JOY. DEEP DEEP JOY!!! I have devoted this year 2020 to joy. To experience the deepest joy possible and to infuse every element of my work with it. When I mean joy then I do NOT mean the joy you experience from receiving a gift or when something beautiful happens in your life. I mean the joy that comes from deep within, the joy simply from being alive. The joy that springs from the depth of your soul. The joy of being YOU in your fullest emanation. We all have the capacity to experience tremendous joy. Sadly, most people have blocked the access to their joy. It is blocked due to conditioning from childhood, limiting beliefs and distortions in our energy field. It is blocked due to the disconnection to our true essence. It is blocked due to false beliefs such as I am not good enough, I am not worthy and I am not deserving, etc… I know this soooo well. I have lived with these beliefs most of my life. Suffering and self-destructive behaviors ruled my existence. Yes! False beliefs are stored in our subconscious minds and create programs for self-sabotaging our life in every moment. These programs run your show and make you live on auto-pilot while you sit in the back seat watching your own drama unfold. And then you wonder why all this is happening? These programs not only ruin your relationships, affect your health & finances, but also rob you of your life force and disconnect you from your true purpose on this Earth. It’s a never ending vicious cycle… It’s like slow drip poison in your veins. So was it for me, until one day I decided: Enough is enough. I can’t do this any longer. I remember vividly, standing naked on the balcony in an ice cold January night, screaming from the top of my lungs out into the forest: NO MORE SUFFERING. NO MORE PAIN. NO MORE!!! I hired a coach and a shaman. I learnt how to move into the pain and use pain as a medicine for healing. I learnt how to burn the pain and and dance with the flames. I learnt how to transform pain into joy. The joy I got to experience on the other side was unlike anything I ever knew. It felt like ecstatic eruptions in all 30 trillions cells of my body. It was like opening the floodgates of direct bodily experience of the nectar of supreme bliss. I was unleashing my purest Self. It took 9 months of deep transformational work. I was a rebirth. My life has never been the same. Now there is so much more joy than pain. And when pain shows up I can shift it quickly. I don’t dwell in it any longer. I have stopped being a victim. As a result it has become my life’s mission to support others on their journey out of suffering into a life of joy and purpose. I am sharing this method and many more tools in the upcoming Deep Immersion Journey into the Heart in Peru. If you are called for deep Self-love, joy and abundance then this is for you: I am your sacred mirror to reflect back to you that you hold the key to your deepest joy. The world needs your precious gift that only you have. Now. Remember: It is your birthright to live a life that makes you feel ignited, inspired, and joyously present! If not now, when? With love & joy, Sabina

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