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Dear beautiful soul, Remember this: You are putting out a magnetic frequency in every moment of Now. Your frequency is responsible for creating your physical reality. Your frequency is directly linked to your programs and beliefs that run your internal operating system. If you don’t like what's showing up in your reality, it is paramount that you upgrade your internal operating system. How? By remembering who you are, your truth, your value, your divinity and your power. By remembering your divine gift that you came here to embody. I am here to remind you that you are here for a greater purpose, despite all the challenges you might currently be experiencing. I am also here to remind you that you are so deeply loved. When you truly comprehend this and own it on a deep cellular level, then you will vibrate on the highest frequency. Love will become your emanation. You become magnetic. Remember: Whatever you are looking to call into your life is directly related to the extent you love yourself! Let me be bold and ask you this: In this lifetime, will you own your value, claim your role as a as an awakened leader, fall madly in love with yourself, and leave a lasting impact on this planet? Or will you continue to struggle and just survive through life with the regret of leaving your precious gifts trapped within? Let me be vulnerable for a moment. Out of fear of failure, I kept myself small and was hiding my divine gifts. Sometimes I was expressing them through other people. Does this sound familiar? It wasn’t until I experienced a profoundly painful life initiation that I finally chose to step up and said YES to my creative powers. I finally said NO MORE to all the pain and suffering. I finally said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH to playing small. I finally owned being a SACRED LEADER here to make a giant impact to inspire others, such as you, to rise in your divinity. This inspiration was the catalyst for creating the Sacred Warrior Path, to provide a shortcut for others so they don’t have to make the same mistakes that I made, and it doesn’t take them years and years of experimenting what works and what doesn’t. For so many years I was stuck and lost on my path to find my true purpose, but was embarrassed to ask for support. I thought it would be weak to ask for help. But then, when I finally did, I felt such relief and a huge awakening. We are not here to do it all alone. We are here to lift each other up and to rise as a collective. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. Why not surround yourself with others that have been where you are? Transformation doesn’t need to take years. It can be instant. It can be quantum leap. All it takes someone to hold you in your process. Every step of the journey. The Sacred Warrior Path is a path of remembering. It's a path of unfolding your wings and unleashing your inner authentic powers. It's a path of releasing and detoxing yourself from everything that is not in alignment with your highest Self. On every level. Body. Mind & Spirit. A Sacred Warrior is carrying the light torch, and is leading from the heart. A Sacred Warrior exudes personal magnetism. If this resonates and you’d like to hear more about the Sacred Warrior Path, simply send me a message. I am here to guide you. With love & light, Sabina

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