Dear beautiful soul, Remember this: You are putting out a magnetic frequency in every moment of Now. Your frequency is responsible for creating your physical reality. Your frequency is directly linked to your programs and beliefs that run your internal operating system. If you don’t like what's showing up in your reality, it is paramount that you upgrade your internal operating system. How? By remembering who you are, your truth, your value, your divinity and your power. By remembering your divine gift that you came here to embody. I am here to remind you that you are here for a greater purpose, despite all the challenges you might currently be experiencing. I am also here to remind you that you are so deeply loved. When you truly comprehend this and own it on a deep cellular level, then you will vibrate on the highest frequency. Love will become your emanation. You become magnetic. Remember: Whatever you are looking to call into your life is directly related to the extent you love y