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Dear beautiful soul, Let’s touch on a heavy subject. Death. Last weekend I was sitting at the lake gazing at the shimmering reflections of the sun sparkling in the water, and reflecting on life and death. I remembered a powerful Plant Medicine Journey witnessing my own death. It was an experience like no other. At first frightening but then turning into a profoundly mesmerizing celebration of life and transcendence into a higher realm. I sensed my body taking off from my deathbed. Spreading my wings and lifting myself high up into the big blue sky. The lightness of being that I felt while soaring through the breathtaking landscapes of infinity was profoundly freeing. It was like leaving all matter behind and becoming pure energy. I experienced true liberation from all attachments, suffering and ALL past. One day we all have to leave our body. Many people lie on their deathbed with regrets about life, feeling fearful and not wanting to go. Wishing they had more time as they didn’t get to experience everything they desired… I became very clear that when my time will come, I want to look back at my life saying “WOW!!! WHAT A RIDE THIS WAS!!! A ride filled with so much joy & laughter, awe & wonders, magic and miracles. I had lived my dreams. I turned any challenge into opportunity. I travelled the most beautiful places on Earth. I touched many people’s lives. I dedicated myself to service and expansion. I contributed to the planet and humanity. I shared so much love and received so much love. I had fully given of myself and my heart was beyond full. My heart was overflowing. I was complete. Now time has come for me to move on to the next adventure… One of the biggest regrets people face is that they are not living fully and not expressing their highest potential. What is your greatest vision for your life? What message are you here to share and amplify? The universe listens and responds to how you are showing up and the vibration you are emitting. Take the time each day to tune in and clarify your values, your passions and dreams. Allow yourself to unravel the deeper truths of who you really are. Release any fears and self-doubts and let go of who you think you should be in order to match other’s approval. It’s okay to be vulnerable, simply trust in this process and remember this is a journey of coming home to yourself. Listen to the deeper calling of your heart and trust in the voice of your inner intuition, it holds the key to your highest unfolding… Sending you so much love, Sabina

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