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⚡️⚡️⚡️SLOW DRIP POISON😱💀🤯......and how to use it as a catalyst💫🔥💥

Dear beautiful soul, Many times in my life I have pondered the following questions: Am I stuck in a loop? Is there something holding me back from living my dreams? This has taught me that at the core is one central emotion. Fear. Fear is the emotion that feels like shackles holding you imprisoned in a life you do not want. Living in fear is like slow drip poison. It is paralyzing. It blinds you from seeing possibilities. It makes you procrastinate. It causes you to think small minded. It disconnects you from your true purpose. Fear is like slow drip poison killing your dreams & visions and dimming your light. Unless you learn how to use fear for your advantage. Fear can be a mobilizing force. A catalyst. When fear shows up, you must move into the fear. You dance with the fear. When you feel fear…don’t let it stop you. Do it anyway!!! Witness the fear. Feel it and surf through the emotions. Use fear as an opportunity for expression. You can then release the blockages that are in the way to living your highest Self. Fear is simply a sign that you have reached limitations. This also means you have reached your limit of how much love & abundance you can receive. Fear is the opposite of Love. And remember, you can only receive what you desire, to the extent you love yourself. When you succumb to fear it diminishes your energetic field. Your field is where you call in your dreams. The trick is to learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable. In the uncomfortable is a tremendous opportunity to expand, to break through and to break out. When you break “out of the box” your energetic field widens. You receive clarity, focus and energy to manifest. We are all addicted to our emotions. As we lower our negative emotions, then the body, like a drug addict tries to influence the mind (needing its fix). When you learn to dance with fear, its like stepping into the fire, it’s like letting the flames eat you whole. Dissolve in the flames. Letting it burn. Burn the old paradigm. Burn the pain away. There are many tools to transmute fear: Meditation, Breath work, Shadow work, Pineal Gland Activation, Detoxing, Sacred Plant Medicine, just to name a few. I share all of them and more, in the upcoming Deep Immersion Retreat in Peru. Dancing with fear is about overcoming yourself. It’s a dance of self-mastery. A dance of liberation. Come and dance. Dance yourself into the vortex of magical creation. With so much Love, Sabina.

More info on the Deep Immersion Retreat in Peru:

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