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Dear beautiful soul, I invite you to join us.... we lead you through the garden of shadows, facing all your limits, blockages and distortions. Do not despair, life is this way. The way to the light is through the darkness. Together we will then embark into the enchanted land, a place beyond the horizon, filled with infinite possibilities, magic and miracles. Now it's your time to crack open. And to release whatever is in your way of living your full potential. Allow the fire within you to burn. Let the force inside you to be unleashed. Come with us. To a sacred holy place Where the ancient codes of wisdom are present. Where the highest vibrations for healing & transformation are amplified. With a structure that can hold your full expansion. You couldn't ask for more powerful combinations of energies to support you on your journey back to your Truth. Come to Pachamama Wasi.. I'll meet you there. More info on the Deep Immersion Retreat in Peru:

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