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Last month I visited a mesmerizing place called Kinsa Cocha, a mountainous region with 3 blue lagoons 13,000 feet high in the Peruvian Andes. The views were breathtaking and the high vibrational energy beyond intoxicating. The ancient codes of wisdom were deeply embedded in this sacred land. Incan ruins were scattered around, and the only beings I encountered were mules, llamas, alpacas, and a few shepherds. I felt gravitated to meditate on a big rock and deeply immersed myself into Mother Nature’s presence. This awakened something dormant within as I felt my body activated by a pulsating frequency. On closer look I noticed the rock was embellished with hundreds of crystals. So here I am, on a journey to the mountain top, basking in crystals, gazing at pristine turquoise water surrounded by ancient sacred land. For a moment I wasn't sure if this was truly happening or am I dreaming? Interestingly, these were all images from previous dreams and visuals from past meditations. I knew I was experiencing an upgrade in my internal operating system and a deep surrendering. In this moment became fully present of my power. More than ever before. The power from within. The power we all have when we are tuned in. The power when we open ourselves to the Now and deeply surrender. The power of manifestation. Yes, You are already powerful. This is not something you need to become. It is already within. Yes, You are a manifestation of the Divine. The Divine is not a statue or a person you are praying to. It is the embodiment of YOU. Yes, You have a unique gift. It is not something to learn nor to acquire. It is there for you to express it. Your power, your divinity and your gift is something not outside of you that you are looking to “get”. The moment you start looking for it outside, you are giving all your power away. When you recognize and truly own it and know that it is all within you, a deep honoring takes place. You are taking back your power. You are returning to your natural state. It is a home coming. It is a journey to the heart. The only questions are: Do you remember that at the core of your being? And are you able to truly stand in your greatness every day, in every moment? Or, does life feels like a struggle and it's hard to see your path and focus on your purpose? This is what happens when we forget our power and when we forget who we are. Your natural state is being pure and connected. You move through the world with ease and grace, flowing through any challenges and utilizing your divine guidance at all moments When you own your power you boldly and bravely speak your truth at all times. Sometimes this means saying NO and be firm in your word, even you must go against the herd. Sometimes it means walking alone and challenging the status quo. It's about constantly upgrading yourself and surrendering even deeper to the guidance from within you. Sometimes we have to take a journey to somewhere, in order to realize that the true journey is the one to your heart. Sending you so much love, Sabina

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