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Greetings beautiful soul, Have you ever felt that life didn’t make sense? You don’t belong in this world? Everything feels like a struggle as you are trying to find your path and your purpose? Maybe you got lost in the illusion of confusion. This is what happens when you disconnect from your true essence. This occurs when you forget who you truly are. As a result you don’t recognize your worth. You lose your passion and inspiration. But your soul knows the truth. That you are never alone. Always supported. Always protected. Always loved. Sadly, along the way you have been beaten down. Those heavy burdens have chained you up. Imprisoned you in your own suffering. Your soul is waiting for you. Waiting for you to awaken from a long dream. Awaken, divine soul. It’s time to rise. To rise and shine. As an awakened being you no longer fall for subtle seductions, power games and manipulations. Those “hooks” are all around you, masking as temptations, addictions, cravings and even beliefs as “I should” or “I need”. You can release all of it. Once and for all. You can free yourself. And it doesn't need to take a long time. You are 50 trillion cells emanating energy and frequency. Your electromagnetic energy field is attracting people and situations with a similar frequency. It is calling forth what you are vibrating. Why not vibrate playfulness, bliss and abundance? How about uplifting others with your presence? It’s possible when you get out of the “program” and start living life aligned with your divine frequency. It starts by saying yes to yourself. Yes to the knowingness that you DO have a choice and do NOT need to live at the effect of your circumstances. Say YES to YOU. Yes to your liberation. Yes to a new beginning. Yes to deeper connections. Yes to the magic that is available in the higher frequencies. YES to what feels good and NO to what feels out of alignment. If you say yes to this, when? Don’t wait too long. The time is Now. With divine light, Sabina For those of you who like to go deeper and faster I offer Sacred Cacao ceremonies and workshops in upstate NY and also an Intensive Retreat in Peru. More info: Photo by Matt Eric Lessner

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