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Let’s talk about pain and play. Pain and suffering has served a purpose for you. It provided lessons and wakeup calls. It showed you contrast and from there you create clarity. Pain has allowed you to shift and grow. I know you have done much inner work on releasing your pain. Diminishing the struggles. Dissolving old patterns. I acknowledge you for doing your deep work. It takes a strong person. It takes radical honesty and commitment. You have come a long way. However unconsciously you are clinging to the program of suffering. We all have addictions to pain. And just like with any drug, you are needing your fix. Ask yourself the following questions: Haven’t you suffered enough? What are the things that bring you deep joy? When was the last time you experienced hard belly laughter? When did you last take time to play for the sake of pure enjoyment? Have you ever experienced such pure bliss that you received a full body activation? Have you ever had your brain blown open so wide that you were enraptured in orgasmic sensations without having sex? Have you ever felt so tuned in, so turned on and so connected that objects exploded around you? Have you ever been able to bend a spoon with your mere thoughts? All this is possible. And not just for mystics and gurus. It is possible for you. It takes getting out of ordinary reality and tuning into the Extraordinary Realm of the Miraculous, which is your Divinity. Pain and suffering is a distortion. It is not in alignment with your divinity. . I know this so well as I have been an addict of suffering for most of my life. Two years ago I made a conscious decision to end this vicious cycle. I declared enough is enough. No more. I chose to not own suffering anymore as part of my energy field. I committed to dwell more and more in the “play” paradigm. Hence life became “lighter” and not so serious anymore. Pain still creeps in once in a while, but the difference is that I now recognize it and do whatever it takes to shift it. And I can tell you from my own experience having been on both sides that it is so much easier doing the deep work to shift it than dwelling in the pain paradigm. Suffering takes a lot of energy. We do need support and guidance. Thankfully, there are many effective tools. Meditation, Breath work, Tapping, Plant Medicine, Accountability Partners, just to name a few… And a reminder of the courage and power we all have inside us. It is absolutely critical for you to get out of the logical thinking brain, your rational mind, and move into the creative playful space where inspiration flows through. Choose to move into the holy flow. The zone. The enchanted world. Choose to bask in your effervescence. Your bliss. Your joy paradigm. Now is the time to play. The time is Now. Divine blessings from the forest, Sabina

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