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It’s time to take a good look at yourself. And get real and raw. Are you ready to make a massive shift in your life, and leave smallness behind? The world needs you. Now more than ever. Sadly, there is so much chaos in this world. So much toxicity. So much shadow. So much confusion. I am your sacred mirror and reflect back at you the brilliance that you are, which you might have forgotten when you are too consumed by the mundane. With overflowing gratitude I am here in the Sacred Valley in Peru. Magic just keeps showing up. Once I chose to fully commit and tune into the Divine energy. Without needing to know the “how”. Letting spirit guide me. Trusting in the process. Creating miracle after miracle. Being free. Free to be me 100%. Free to serve the world in a way I am being asked by spirit. Let me ask you. Are you ready to step into the highest reflection of yourself? Radiating your precious gift out into the world? Dancing through life in your most magnetic presence? If this resonates, then it’s time to release what is no longer in alignment with your higher Self. That means getting out of the comfort zone. No matter how hard it is. No matter how much it hurts. Pull the weeds. Cut the cord. Slay the dragon. I am your sacred mirror to reflect back to you that you hold the key to your kingdom, the codes to your ancient wisdom and infinite abundance. This doesn’t necessarily need to take a long time. Why not create a quantum shift? Commit with all you’ve got. Recode new structures in your energy field. Anchor in your higher Self. Seal it in with love and gratitude. The Love & Gratitude potion is the divine elixir that transforms all things. I am your sacred mirror and I see you, Sabina

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