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Dear beautiful friend,

I invite you to use any opportunity you have to bask in golden sunlight. Fill yourself with the magnetic energy of the gold. Sun gazing at sunrise & sunset is a powerful tool for activating your pineal gland which is the seat of intuition & the symbol of spiritual awakening..

When your pineal gland is fully activated you can see through the veils of illusions and access the deeper dimensions of life. You are tuned in and turned on.

An activated pineal gland in combination with a fully open heart and a pure body/mind temple is a hell of a powerful combination. When you embody all three you are on top of the world.

You transcend from your natural state to your supernatural state.

You become a light carrier & transmitter.

You radiate with your ultra magnetic aura.

You are deeply in love. In love with life. In love with Self. In love with ALL.

You are in the overflow mode of the sweetest love and want nothing more than to share your love with others.

You own your preciousness. You embody your tenderness. You are 100 % comfortable in your own skin. You speak Truth always as you know there is nothing more attractive than authenticity and living in integrity with your deep values.

You explode with creative ideas & visions & poetry. You have an exquisite eye for beauty. You create magic wherever you go. You know that you are worthy of the very best that life offers. In all areas.

There are NO limits and boundaries. Only the ones that are imposed by your own mind. You are here on this planet to have it ALL and be it ALL. And to share your ALL-ness with others. PERIOD.

If this resonates with you and you’d like to know more please reach out. It is my deepest devotion to guide you on this journey step by step. I know the shortcuts and the pitfalls and how to effectively navigate through it all.

Sending love & bliss-ings your way,



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