Dear Friends,

The time has come for a new paradigm. The world has been clouded in so much darkness which recently got intensified with the presidential election and the protests at Standing Rock. It has highlighted this corrupt system with its corporate control and the truth that has been concealed and now is being revealed. Many people are in fear however there is a golden opportunity present. We are awakening!
What unites us is far greater than what divides us.
The bottom line is we need to respect & honor Mother Earth, care for all living beings, stand up for freedom of expression & let our voices be heard. Transformation starts with one person at a time. It starts with you.
Tune into the highest frequency, the healing vibration of the Earth and let her guide you to the light...
Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you well and in wonderful spirits. I have returned from my travels to Europe with new perspectives and breathtaking imagery. 
Please join me to on a visual journey through the mesmerizing landscapes of the Ligurian Sea and Hudson Valley NY, capturing the powerfully haunting spirit of fire & sun. 
Love & Light,
Dear Beautiful Friends,

I invite you to delve into the Element of Water and unleash the force within.
Allow the flow to dismantle the past and drown in the depth of the divine.

With Gratitude, Love & Light,
Dear Beautiful Friends,

Please join me on a voyage through the magic of the four elements.
The month of June is characterized by the element of Air which represents intellect, imagination & inspiration, as well as clarity, creativity & communication.

Fasten your seat belt as we soar and rise on a journey into the new paradigm, open to vastness and full of hypnotic exaltation.  To embark, please click below

MAY 2016
The past two months have been marked by homecomings, both literally and metaphorically. I made two trips to Germany within one month, coming to terms with my mom's illness and eventually her transition. It was the ultimate lesson on acceptance and surrender to the natural cycle of life.

Coming back to my childhood place stirred many memories through the sights, sounds and smells of forests, caves, rocks, skies and waters. It evoked feelings of being wild and free through creative play & intuitive expression, belonging to the land and connecting to the instincts. 

Children embody this so effortlessly and we adults often face challenges to access it.  Our childlike spirit is not lost, we simply must thread ourselves back into the web of natural life. We can then expand into our limitlessness with its subtle dimensions and then transmit the intelligence of creation. 

I would like to share a short film clip below that was inspired by listening to nature's guidance, captured in the Hudson Valley and South Germany. It was created from the perspective of a woman, however men might just relate to it as well. Much of the footage was shot by 8 year old Nati on the i-phone5 .
Click here:
May you continue to be inspired...
Love and Light,
FEB 2016
I hope this finds you all in wonderful spirits. As I am writing this I am sitting at the window hypnotized by the snowflakes softly dancing in the silent white winter night. Blessed beyond measure. Blissed in.
I have chosen to embark on a path of inner peace. This is something that has always been a foreign concept to me as I have become clear about my addiction to intensity, drama, outside stimulation and instant gratification.
It is a spell that has been cast so darkly upon our society. Ignorance is truly such bliss! Time has come to break the spell and turn the tides. It starts by owning it and trusting the light.
Let your heart invade your mind. Interrupt the pattern. See beyond seeing itself.
Soften. One moment in time.
Open. Give. Fill.
Breathe into me.
All is perfect.
I am here.
I am you.


Please enjoy 1 min of Winter Mystery  "Breaking the Spell"
It is recommended to watch it on a small screen as it was shot on the i-phone
Click here:
JAN 2016
In deep reflection I spent 5 days over the New Year at a silent retreat immersing myself in yoga and meditation including 2 days of fasting. 
Stillness speaks and it speaks with such eloquence and grace.

As I opened myself with sweet surrender to the experience I was inundated by a cascade of emotions ranging from anger to sadness to euphoric bliss. There was the constant temptation by the mind to lure me into thinking I need X or Y to make me feel better. Not to mention the physical discomfort from sitting cross-legged for countless hours and the nausea from the detoxification of the fast.

It was all perfect. A precious gift to practice acceptance and being in the “Golden Present”. Only when we devote ourselves to stillness and silence can we fully access the luminous power of our true source, the core of peace, truth & beauty in its purest form. It’s a subtle unveiling process and can be challenging and often painful, as we face our own resistance to blossom in full splendor.

Ultimately at the end there is a new horizon. A horizon beyond the veil.

Please enjoy the 1 min clip “BEYOND THE VEIL” and feel free to share. Thank you:)

Dec 2015
May this find you all in wonderful spirits. At some point our paths have crossed and we have connected either on a film/fashion shoot, at a seminar, in a yoga or meditation class, or perhaps at the Waldorf school. There is much to share, especially since the recent move from NYC to the mountains of upstate New York with my beloved fiance Joe and sweet child Nati. 
Nature had been calling and divine guidance has led us to our beautiful new home nestled in 5 acres of forest at the foothills of the Shawangunk Mountains, near a secluded lake. Truly a sacred oasis of Mother Earth.
Only now I am beginning to grasp the deep reverence for nature and cultivate purity on its land, air, the water and the mystical. Being in nature has allowed me to shift my perception from the "worldly reality" to a more subtle domain of intuitive knowing. Here I find the inspiration and desire to create. Each moment and each feeling encapsulated into a sweet memory. 
As some of you may know, the 7 year transformational journey of writing the screenplay for "Turning the Tides" has morphed into the new title "Golden Haze". The story is a 
metaphorical tale that touches on several universal themes: the control in this world through media and big corporations, the trials & tribulations of the artist, sacrificing integrity for the illusion of social status, the healing power of nature, and the elusiveness of romantic love. Essentially, it provokes the question: Are you ready for the ultimate experience of freedom and profound love?
I invite you to take a peek at the 1 min teaser. Your feedback is welcome and always appreciated. Please feel free to share if you like.

With Love and Gratitude,
 It is my deepest desire to share my passion for Health & Nutrition.  This is a journey I have been deeply devoted to since I am 19 years old after healing myself from multiple health issues.  I embarked on a "healing" journey of educating myself about nutrition, herbs, detoxification and various healing modalities. Step by step she was able to heal myself from all her illnesses to the point of experiencing vibrant health and peak states of inspiration to take her life to the next level. It is much more than a passion, it has become a lifestyle. I continue to push the boundaries to upgrade my health to the next level to achieve intense states of wellbeing and peak performances. When you are deeply connected to the Earth and the Plant & Mineral Kingdom it provides an enormous amount of energy for creativity and freedom of expression. When you are tuned in and turned on, you will experience surges of inspiration, magical moments and natural highs beyond your wildest imagination.

Nutrition is the foundation for everything. We all know "You are what you eat" and this goes beyond mere food but also the water we drink and shower with, medicinal herbs, flower essences, oils, the air we breathe in, including the energies we surround ourselves with. When you eat food that comes from pure nature and especially food that is wild grown you receive supreme nourishment as these are the noble essences of Mother Nature. It will provide boundless energy and vitality, activate genius and inspire to new possibilities. Additionally it will enhance your natural beauty as you will vibrate a radiance, youthfulness and graceful presence. Raw and Wild Food contain healing and beautifying powers.
Educating yourself on nutrition is an art form that continuously evolves to fit your unique situation.

Over 20 years I have educated myself and studied with the greatest leaders in the fields of Health, Nutrition, Spirituality and Personal Empowerment. I have experienced breakdown after breakdown, however it ultimately always led to a breakthrough. This is what I thrive on. 
I am blessed to have received the most cutting edge and life-altering information. It is my honor and commitment to share what I have learned and make it accessible for everyone who is open for transformation. Yes, knowledge is power. But it is only true power when it is shared.
Simply follow my blog and immerse yourself in the latest illuminations
Now is the time. We are in the wake of a great awakening. Free your mind. Open your heart. Allow yourself to be who you have never been before. Be Truth. Be Beauty. Be Pure.
Your are Love. 
Love is Truth. 
Truth is you. 
You are me.
I am everything
Everything is Nothing.
Nothing is the birthplace of creation
and transformation is possible.
You are what you allow yourself to be. Right now. The world needs you.
It needs daydreamers, bridge builders, soul speakers, web weavers, light bearers, mountain climbers, food growers, wound healers, trail blazers, Truth sayers ,life lovers, peace keepers
Give what you most deeply desire. Why would a flower hesitate to open?
Now is the only moment. Rain drop let go. Become the ocean.
Possibility is as wide as the space we create to hold it.